Reboot Roller Discos

As I cannot resist being on skates at all occasions, I work at Reboot Roller Discos in Exeter every Saturday. This is great!! I can earn whilst on wheels!!

However, Reboot offer several services. From the public discos to private parties and skate lessons for both adults and children, I feel the teaching side of skating is becoming much easier for me. (I’m also very good at noticing if someone has their wrist guards on the wrong hands!!) I enjoy the challenge of helping round an OAP, teaching little children to take their first steps, but especially teaching the more advanced skaters new skills.

The adult skate class is a great place to socialize as well as helping adults with a whole range of skills. From those just starting or rekindling a childhood passion, to those who’ve been skating for a while and are learning to hockey stop or transition on one foot, skate school caters to everyone’s needs. An added bonus for me is that last year, I managed to convince my Dad to come along and a year later, he’s whizzing round on his inlines. More recently, we also convinced my Ma to join and to see her becoming less scared of falling and more confident to try new skills each week is great.

Skating really is a family affair, whether you’re skating with your roller derby family or your parents/kids/siblings, it’s an experience to be shared. So, if you’re wondering what to do to entertain the kids at the weekend or are looking to meet new people and try something a bit different, look to see if there are any roller discos nearby. You might be surprised how close the nearest one is and if the staff are half as friendly and helpful as the wonderful people I work with, you’ll have a blast!!

Have fun,


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